Have Sex Like a Goddess
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with Sarah J. Kennedy
Do you:
Feel broken sexually? 
Do you want to want sex, but you don’t actually want it?
Does sex often feel like a chore?
If so, you are not alone. 
I hear these things from women every day. 

But I want you to know there is nothing wrong with you. 

You are not broken sexually, you just have some blocks. 

And, sex feels like a chore because you have learned to have sex in a masculine way instead of a feminine way. 

You are meant to have sex like a Goddess. 

Sex is meant to open up your wild feminine nature and deeply nourish your heart, body and soul. 

During this class you will learn:

3 shifts yo
  • The top two reasons you have sexual blocks, and how to transform them.
  • The three shifts you must make to start having sex like a Goddess.
  • The difference between "masculine" sex and "feminine" sex.
About Sarah Kennedy
Sarah is a certified women's sexuality and empowerment coach. She is passionate about helping women have sex that nourishes their bodies, hearts and souls. 

She suffered from a condition that caused sex to be painful for over twenty years, and six years ago experienced a remarkable healing around sex. Sarah discovered that as she healed her relationship with her sexuality, her entirely life began to transform. 

After experiencing her own healing, Sarah felt a call to begin helping other women do the same. She left a nine year career as a public school teacher, and enrolled in a coaching program focused on female sexuality and empowerment. 

It's been Sarah's experience that a women’s power lies within her sexuality, and she sees the work she does as deeply revolutionary.
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